What Is Life Skill Hacking?

Life Antivirus Program

First, a little background. With age, you develop a “life antivirus program.” Your life antivirus program is used to protect you from perceived threats to the self. The issue arises when your life antivirus program becomes so strong it actually begins to limit your own personal growth. The potential threat of your life antivirus program becomes more compounded when you begin to use it against your own inner need and wants.

The Life Antivirus Program in High School and College

The life antivirus program of your high school or college student is made up of the thought patterns used to keep up appearances of being stable and secure to the external world. Patterns such as assumptive thinking, limiting beliefs about the self, and poor goal setting are all things your son or daughter can pick up unknowingly. In some cases he or she may be taught these thought patterns. Procrastination, trouble getting along with a teacher, skipping a class, or acting out can all be signs of the life antivirus program at work. It is important to note that there is nothing that is inherently wrong with your son or daughter. He or she just needs some help to realize that there are options for thinking styles and patterns when feeling challenged. If your son or daughter has the ability to get dressed, get to school, and turn most work in what is mostly a compulsory situation, then he or she has the skills to work on the life antivirus program.

Don’t get me wrong, the life antivirus program serves a real purpose for a developing student’s thinking styles and patterns. There are definite issues in life that are better left for being screened out. The issue arises when the life antivirus is developed and relied upon to the point that it begins to limit opportunity and personal growth. In this case, it can really hold your son or daughter back from reaching his or her fullest potential.

Life Skill Hacking

Simply put, life skill hacking is listening and asking the essential questions.  The aim is to help you son or daughter exploit opportunities to hack the less-than-ideal thought patterns and behaviors that make up his or her life antivirus program. Your son or daughter is led through concepts that result in “self hacking” the life antivirus program he or she has created. Reboot and Maintenance modules are offered to extend the learning toward long-term personal growth, creating a comprehensive suite of upgraded “selfware.”

Academic Life Coaching

Life Skill Hacker uses the Academic Life Coaching program developed by John Williams. It is a proven life coaching program developed specifically for the high school and college academic settings. It has been featured on major news outlets such as ABC, CNN, Yahoo!, and The Wall Street Journal. More information can be found at academiclifecoaching.com.

You can sign up to download your free preview of Academic Life Coaching: The Workbook in the top-right sidebar of this pageThere are several exercises to try and if you need any support with the exercises, do not hesitate to contact me at joseph.callender@lifeskillhacker.com.

3 Responses to What Is Life Skill Hacking?

  1. Antje Cobbett on March 1, 2012 at 12:03 pm

    I couldn’t agree more! Every minute (or exercise) spent on expanding one’s own personal growth! Making one’s own informed decisions to reach one’s fullest potential! I hope many youngsters will take the opportunity early in life to reach it!

    • CoachCallender on March 2, 2012 at 9:03 am

      Thanks Antje. The systems we work and learn under think we gain personal growth just from the work we do under those systems. We can gain some personal growth but it is superficial at best. And most of this growth is someone else defining what success means for us. Not good. The best growth comes from working diligently on yourself. which will guide one to the work that truly is the best fit for that person.

      My passion is to get high school students to realize that while it may seem too soon, it is the perfect time to begin the path of self discovery. In fact, it is almost required learning due to years of being told to conform. Life skill hacking hacks through the instilled misinformation and “dumbing-down” thought patterns to help the students rediscover their dreams and rebuild their individuality in the mass-minded systems.

      Thanks again for your comment.

  2. John Andrew Williams on April 4, 2012 at 1:43 pm

    Joe, you are an awesome coach, and it’s a pleasure and an honor to have you on the ALC team! I admire your passion and dedication to serving high school students.


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Academic Life Coaching

Life Skill Hacker uses ALC techniques and concepts. ALC is a growing international movement to coach teens toward becoming more resilient and confident young adults. ALC is one of the first life coaching ventures completely dedicated to teens.

ALC has been featured on multiple major news outlets such as ABC, Yahoo, CNN, and The Wall Street Journal.